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The Rock Is Claiming To Be 15 Years Old In This Picture, But Everyone Thinks He Looks 30

"You look like a grown man here, sir."

We have a mystery on our hands.


Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson posted a #tbt of a picture he's claiming to be 15 years old in, but people aren't buying it.

Lintao Zhang / Getty Images

The picture was accompanied by a caption that tells the story behind it, which is actually pretty crazy and involves people thinking he was a 15-year-old undercover cop.

Here's the picture in question:

First of all, what is that font? Second, is that man 35?

Now, I am not one to believe in conspiracy theories, but I am also one to want to believe in them.


The comments section was full of similar suspicions.

"You look like a 30 year old bouncer," this person said.

"15 going on twice divorced with 4 kids."

This person asked The Rock if he started lifting weights as a baby.

And this person said his shoulder looked like a hanger.

Which, I mean, is valid. It looks like a hanger.

I want answers; until then, I guess we have to believe this:

H/T Comments by Celebs.

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