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The 26 Most Puzzling Pictures Of Leonardo DiCaprio Ever Taken

Leo, what was going on?

26. Was your outfit made of straw?

25. Was it hard to sit that way?

24. What kind of lipstick were you wearing?

23. Why were you holding a measuring cup full of milk?

22. Did you finish that entire measuring cup full of milk?

21. What's the deal with the swan?

20. What's happening here?

19. How did you get your hair to stay that way?

18. Did someone hit you in the face with this ice cream cone?

17. What was the cross supposed to mean?

16. Did the shell speak?

15. Why did you knock down that chair?

14. Were you supposed to be holding an umbrella or something?

13. Coke or Pepsi?

12. Was this supposed to be sexy?

11. Why were you wearing a burlap sack?

10. What size were those pants?

9. What is going on with your feet?

8. Why were you wearing a leather jacket in a water fall?

7. What does this mean?

6. What is this pose?

5. Where are those sunglasses now?

4. What was the deal with you always exposing your midriff?

3. Again, why did you show your belly so much?

2. There's your stomach again...?

1. Why??!?!?!??!