The Ultimate Tribute To Britney Spears’ Second Week On X-Factor

*Legend coming through* Britney Spears continued to prove she is the only reason the X-Factor is worth watching.

Hello fellow Britney fans! Let’s talk about Godney on X-Factor this week!

3. Now watch me*

*Slave 4 U lyrics

4. We begin with Britney acknowledging how everyone in Greensboro came to the X-Factor auditions to see her.

6. Now let’s take a look at this week’s incredible faces of disgust:

12. *Throws shade at Demi*

14. Then we met Appleney!

So poised.

15. Britney showed us a new dance move.

16. Reunited with a relative.

17. Checked out some asses.

18. Freaked the fuck out over a thunderstorm.

23. And then spit on Demi.

29. Britney continued to be adorable and lovable and iconic.

36. To wrap things up, are we excited for next week??

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