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    The 70 Best Costumes At New York City's Most Important Dog Costume Competition

    The Tompkins Square dog costume competition is the biggest and most highly competitive costume competition for dogs in NYC. Don't fret: Of course there was a Miley Cyrus costume.

    1. Marilyn Monroe


    2. Pumpkin spice latte

    3. Kim Jong-un and Dennis Rodman

    4. Betsey Johnson

    5. Dorothy

    6. Confused

    7. Banksy

    8. A big ole #hashtag

    9. A brown paper bag


    10. Tortuga

    11. Chill sparkly feather sequin dog

    12. Bob Marley

    13. Miley Cyrus twerking on Robin Thicke

    14. Cersei Lannister

    15. Carlos Danger

    16. Colin Kaepernick

    (He's a football player or something.)

    17. Tortuga #2

    18. Ridiculously adorable dog

    19. Gorilla corgi

    20. Hot dog stand

    21. Lady Gaga and her little monsters

    Or just 3 clowns. Whatever floats your boat.

    22. A bunch of leaves

    23. A mad hatter

    24. Not sure but it's a really cute pug

    25. A cat riding a dog

    26. Liberace

    27. 50 Shades Of Grey

    28. Hulk

    29. Lobster and chef dogs

    FYI, this costume won the grand prize.

    30. Triceridog

    31. Banksy, again

    32. Dunkin DoDog

    33. Zoltar

    34. Sushi

    35. Something from Wreck-It Ralph

    36. Mop aka janitor dog

    37. Headless Horseman

    38. ChippenDog

    39. Phyllis Diller

    40. A pharaoh

    41. The cast of Cinderella

    The lady herself.

    42. A punk basset hound

    43. A dog wearing Beats by Dre headphones

    44. Piñata

    45. Amelia Earhart

    46. The cast of Star Wars

    47. Cops and robbers

    48. Cheese

    49. Diego in a box

    50. Banksy

    51. An original Beanie Baby

    52. Marionette

    53. A crystal healer

    54. SharknaDog

    55. The new pope

    56. Monsters under the bed

    57. Peacock

    With bonus derp.

    58. The cast of Finding Nemo

    59. Cute-hat dog

    60. Big King Kong

    61. Little King Kong

    62. Elvis

    63. Medieval royalty dog

    64. Part of the cast of Star Wars

    65. Dr. Z subway ads

    66. The cast of Ninja Turtles

    67. The Beast from Sandlot

    68. Nacho Libre

    69. Hounds of anarchy

    70. Last Banksy

    And here's a bonus picture of a Chihuahua falling asleep in a pot because the world is beautiful.

    All photos by me, Matt Stopera.

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