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The Awesome Moment When The Rhode Island House Passed Gay Marriage

Now onto the Senate.

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By a vote of 51 to 13, Rhode Island's marriage equality bill passed their state House of Representatives on Thursday. The bill now faces an uncertain future in the State Senate.

Seventy-year-old Ken Fish from Warwick, Rhode Island, told Time magazine:

"I wanted to be here to see it. Go back 10 years, even five years, and I wasn't sure we'd ever get here. We're not done yet, but this is a big one."

You can see video of some testimony and the passage here:

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And here's a pretty great picture of Rhode Island State Rep. Frank Ferri and his partner (in the lower left) giving high fives to Wendy Baker and Judy McDonnell after the vote.

Steven Senne / AP

This picture is actually from when the bill was unanimously passed in the State House Committee.