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    The Amazing Story Of Kabang, The Hero Dog Without A Snout

    Kabang is the coolest dog you will read about all day.

    Kabang lost her nose about a year ago when she lept in front of a motorcycle to save the lives of two young girls in the Philippines.

    Kabang ran off after the accident, but miraculously reappeared two weeks later.

    The pound offered to put her down, but her owner saw that Kabang wasn't suffering, so they let her live. Kabang had learned how to eat with his paws and was adjusting to life without a snout...

    Unfortunately, Kabang still needed proper reconstructive surgery to make sure her wounds heal properly.

    The only place Kabang could get the proper surgery was at UC Davis in California. A 6-8 week stay at UC Davis could cost about $20,000.

    After an agressive fundraiser campaign on Facebook and Twitter, the $20,000 goal had been met!

    On October 8, a motorcade led Kabang to the airport.

    Kabang made it! After a consultation, doctors determined Kabang would need two surgeries, and it would take about 6 weeks for her to fully recover.

    As you can see, the doctors really love her.

    That's all the updates we have for now. Stay tuned to see how his surgery goes.

    Most of the photos found on the Care For Kabang Facebook group. Other photos are from UC Davis.