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The 40 Most Influential Poms Of 2013

2013 was just a really great year for Pomeranians.

40. The Poms That Nearly Blew Away


The most controversial photo on this year's list. Critics were worried this photo would start a trend in "Poms blowing in the wind" pictures. That never really happened.

39. Flint


Flint made waves late in the year for his photography. Rumor has it, Flint is opening an art gallery in West Hollywood early next year. I reached out for a comment, but haven't heard back yet.

38. Shower Cap Bath Pom


That cap! That bath! Those eyes! Shower Cap Bath Pom is truly 2013's triple threat.

37. AA Pom

The bravest Pom of the year. It takes a lot of guts to admit your demons. Bravo and good luck, AA Pom. We're here for you.

36. Captain Yorying

Captain Yorying is literally a nugget of fluff. That's pretty cool.

35. Sunglass Pom

Also known as the Anna Wintour of Poms.

34. The Pom In The Little Sweater

Who doesn't love little sweaters?

33. The Pom In The Little Bow Tie


Who doesn't love little bow ties?

32. Pumpkin Spice Latte Pom

Matt Stopera / Buzzfeed

The big star at this year's most important Halloween dog parade in NYC. Pumpkin Spice Latte Pom made white girls across the world scream.

31. Rose

30. Mr. Max In The City

Mr. Max In The City is a really cute Pom. That's enough to make him No. 30 on this year's list.

29. Sailor Moon Pom


28. Floating Pom


Floating Pom is rumored to be dating David Blaine.

27. The Pom with the Hot Guy


The hottest duo on this year's list.

26. CeCe


CeCe is known for her elaborate sleepwear. Her line of Pom sleepwear will be available nationwide exclusively at Big Lots in late 2014.

25. Moto Pom


Moto Pom is basically the James Dean of Poms.

24. The Pom Puppy That Stood Like This


He stood like this and we all listened.

23. Pommy

Via Instagram: @pommypomeranian

Pommy took a bath and it was great.

22. The Pom That Begged for Salsa Con Queso


The most relatable Pom on this year's list. I think it's safe to say we all see a little bit of ourselves in her.

21. Car Window Pom


The glimmer in her eyes really made this one happen.

20. Burrito Pom


Such talent and skill. Also grace.

19. The Shopping Cart Full of Poms


The Shopping Cart Full Of Poms made shopping fun again in 2013.

18. Keyboard Pom


Tip-tapping into our hearts since February.

17. Lilikoi and Rella

Lilikoi and Rella really destroyed anti-sporting Pom stereotypes with their bone-crushing football skills. Kick-ass.

16. Everyone Who Attended the 2013 Pom Party


An important moment in bunny/Pom relations.

15. Slime Monster Pom


Huge in the gaming world.

14. Tommy Pom


Tommy Pom is no stranger to "most important" pom list. A former intern at Tumblr, Tommy Pom is known around the "interwebs" for his overall love of life. He's an inspiration to us all.

13. Gwen Stefani's Pom


Insiders have credited Gwen Stefani's Pom for her professional success.

12. The Pom with the Toilet Paper Roll


This is just a insanely cute picture.

11. Watermelon Pom

View this video on YouTube

Economists say Watermelon Pom was the lead cause for the July 2013 Midwest watermelon shortage. That sucks, but oh well.

10. The Pom That Fell Into the Sink


What could have been a huge disaster actually turned out to be quite all right.

9. Lion Pom


Best costume of 2013.

8. Giggy

Twitter: @giggythepom

Also known as Gigolo. Like his other Real Housewives stars, Giggy is coming out with his own wine line next fall.

7. The Pom Who Wore Socks


Socks were 2013's most important fashion piece for Poms. The Pom Who Wore Socks is credited for really bringing socks mainstream.

6. Barkley

Barkley is responsible for the most powerful Pom-related Vine of the year.

5. Boo

Boo is like the missionary of all Poms. He continually is spreading the good word.

4. The Pom in the Little Swimming Pool


Ah, what's more to say about The Pom in the Little Swimming Pool that hasn't already been said? It's safe to say that The Pom in the Little Swimming Pool epitomizes the year in "cool."

3. Beckerman

2. Shunsuke


Japan's most important Pom. Shunsuke is currently trying to crossover to the States. I'm sure you'll be hearing a lot from him in the new year.

1. Jiff

Facebook: jiffpom

2013 was the year of Jiff! With a rapidly growing Facebook fan base, Jiff is quickly becoming the voice of Poms everyone. It'll be interesting to see what Jiff does in the new year.

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