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The 40 Most Influential Poms Of 2013

2013 was just a really great year for Pomeranians.

40. The Poms That Nearly Blew Away

39. Flint

38. Shower Cap Bath Pom

37. AA Pom

36. Captain Yorying

35. Sunglass Pom

34. The Pom In The Little Sweater

33. The Pom In The Little Bow Tie

32. Pumpkin Spice Latte Pom

31. Rose

30. Mr. Max In The City

29. Sailor Moon Pom

28. Floating Pom

27. The Pom with the Hot Guy

26. CeCe

25. Moto Pom

24. The Pom Puppy That Stood Like This

23. Pommy

22. The Pom That Begged for Salsa Con Queso

21. Car Window Pom

20. Burrito Pom

19. The Shopping Cart Full of Poms

18. Keyboard Pom

17. Lilikoi and Rella

16. Everyone Who Attended the 2013 Pom Party

15. Slime Monster Pom

14. Tommy Pom

13. Gwen Stefani's Pom

12. The Pom with the Toilet Paper Roll

11. Watermelon Pom

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Economists say Watermelon Pom was the lead cause for the July 2013 Midwest watermelon shortage. That sucks, but oh well.

10. The Pom That Fell Into the Sink

9. Lion Pom

8. Giggy

7. The Pom Who Wore Socks

6. Barkley

Barkley is responsible for the most powerful Pom-related Vine of the year.

5. Boo

4. The Pom in the Little Swimming Pool

3. Beckerman

2. Shunsuke

1. Jiff