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The 2010 Women's Figure Skating Drinking Game

Tonight's the big night!!! Are you ready to get wasted?!?!

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  • Take a drink:

    When Scott Hamilton: 1. Raises his voice: “triple tooooooe” “double luuuuutz” 2. Laughs when someone lands a jump: “hahahahaha oh!!" 3. "Beaaaaaaaautiful" 4. Says someone is "truly special." 5. Talks about maturity.

  • Any use of the word "fire" or fire metaphors when describing a skater's performance. For example: "hot off the tales of her win at Nationals" or "that was a fiery performance."

  • Any use of "this young lady." Ex. This young lady was second at this years' World Championships. This young lady could surprise some folks. This young lady loves to listen to Lady Gaga before competing. Etc.

  • Someone falls. Finish your drink if they don't get up.

  • When an athlete is referred to as a "national treasure." Ex. Kim Yu-Na is a national treasure in her native land of Korea.

  • Any ballerina comparisons. Ex. She is skating so elegantly, like a ballerina on ice.

  • Any mention of an American figure skating legend. Ex. Peggy Flemming, Tonya Harding, Kristi Yamaguchi, Dorothy Hamil.

  • Take a shot:

    Any use of the word "musicality." Ex. The musicality, personality - she has it all!

  • If Scott Hamilton “knows her.”

  • If an athlete is wearing a HEADDRESS/hat/anything in her hair.

  • Any use of the phrase "supple knees." Ex. She has fresh, supple knees.

  • Any comparison of Michelle Kwan/Tara Lipinski to Mirai Nagasu/Rachael Flatt. Finish your drink if they make it a racial thing.

  • Any talk of "Michelle Kwan" and "the gold that eluded her."

  • Whenever commentators say something that suggests Sasha Cohen should be there. Ex. Nagasu is good, but she doesn't have the poise and technique that come with time. Like Sasha Cohen.

  • Chug/finish your drink:

    If Frank Carroll smiles.

  • Any mention of “playing it safe” and “maturity” in the same sentence. Bonus shot if they talk about “delivering the goods."

  • The Canadians skate to Sarah McLachlan.

  • Kill yourself:

    If someone skates to Linkin Park.