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    The 16 Most Memorable Pope Wardrobe Malfunctions

    Who could ever forget any of these unfortunate happenings?

    16. March 2012: Cape-Slapped at the Vatican


    What a bummer! He was having such a good service until his cape decided to slap him square in the face.

    15. June 2012: The Milan Mega-Flop

    Stefano Rellandini / Reuters

    Both hat and cape had a mind of their own on that awkward June day.


    The Holy Spirit was not having it!

    14. September 2012: The St. Pete's Square Stroke of Bad Luck

    Alessandro Bianchi / Reuters

    Oh, dear Lord. Who could forget when Papa B's cape blew up into his face at St. Petersburg Square?

    Gregorio Borgia / AP

    Luckily, total disaster was averted when Monsignor Georg Gaenswein's hand saved the day.

    13. April 2012: Whiteout 2012

    Max Rossi / Reuters

    This was bad. The pope was reportedly unable to see for a couple of seconds.

    12. March 2012: The Havana Happening

    ESTEBAN FELIX / Getty Images

    Blinded yet again, this time was particularly personal as members of his Cuban entourage laughed in the background. How embarrassing!

    11. September 2010: Deuces Wild

    Andrew Milligan - WPA Pool / Getty Images

    Pope Benedict played it it cool through this unfortunate malfunction by throwing up a "peace" symbol.

    Andrew Milligan - WPA Pool / Getty Images

    But things got worse.

    Andrew Milligan - WPA Pool / Getty Images

    : 0

    Andrew Milligan - WPA Pool / Getty Images


    10. September 2007: The Austrian Accident

    Johannes Simon / Getty Images

    The pope always dresses up in Austria, and this September day in Vienna was no exception.


    But nope. The cape was not cooperating.

    9. May 2012: Pointed Problems


    No idea what was happening that day, but one thing I can tell you is that the cape IS NOT supposed to do that! WTF, cape?!

    8. September 2011: The Berlin Blow


    Right in the kicker! Thankfully, the pope was able to recover fairly quickly after this one. Unfortunately, the paparazzi sees all!

    7. June 2007: The Italian Cliffhanger


    So close! Everyone in Assisi was wondering if the cape would blow over or not.


    Big props to the guy on cape duty that day.

    6. March 2012: The Cuban Crisis


    Love the way he handled this one. The pope escaped this unfortunate debacle with only a few snickers. The man is a pro.

    5. September 2011: The Awkward Arrival


    Oh man. We've all been there. You know, when you meet someone new and your outfit totally isn't working out that day. I feel you, Pope.

    4. June 2011: Double Disaster

    TWO members of the Pope Posse couldn't stop this from happening. Ugh!

    3. June 2011: Just One of Them Days (Don't Take It Personal)


    It was a day only the great Monica could understand.

    2. June 2012: The Face-Mask Fiasco


    Mother of Pearl! The pope's face in this picture sums up that day.




    Just completely exhausting.

    1. October 2010: Hat-Winked


    Toodle-oo, hat! It just wouldn't stick that day.

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