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I Just Realized MTV's Teen Mom Kids Are Teens Now, So I Looked Them All Up And Here's What They're Up To

This one hurts. Like my back physically aches I'm so old.

I was minding my business, surfing the WWW, when I came across something that said Farrah Abraham's 13-year-old daughter got her septum pierced.

an old woman looking at a computer screen in the dark

That got me thinking, like these "teen moms" have teenagers of their own now! Yikes*!

an old woman looking at a screen

My mind was blown, and as someone who hasn't watched Teen Mom in years, I decided to check up on the girls and find out what happened to them...

Let's start with Maci and her son Bentley.

maci and ben

She was dating that guy who pretty shitty, I think his name was Ryan or something.

the three of them in a kitchen being miserable

So happy!

they are taking a selfie, he looks upset

So this is what they looked like then:

It feels like a gazillion years ago...

And here's what Maci and Bentley look like now:

Bentley just turned 13. Maci is 30.

Maci has a family of five.

They're really into Halloween and dressed up as Mario Kart last year.

A solid family!

Next up is Amber and her daughter Leah.

amber and leah from the teen mom opening credits

She was with Gary, 'memba him?

gary holding baby leah

So, here's another pic of Amber with Leah...

amber and the baby at the window

...and just a cute pic of Leah crawling about.

leah crawling on the ground

Well, here they are now:

Leah is also 13. Amber is 31.

Amber has a 3-year-old named James.

Here are all three of them.

Apparently things are all good when it comes to co-parenting with Gary too.

Onto Catelynn.

catelynn in the opening credits

Catelynn and Tyler placed their daughter Carly for adoption.

It was all very emotional but a very mature decision to make!

baby carlee in a high chair

I remember them being very much couple goals.

Well, they celebrated their 15th anniversary last year.

And they're both (almost) in their 30s!

"Baby" Carly just turned 12.

And Catelynn and Tyler have three other kids.

Judging from IG, a very happy family.

And, also, still couple goals.


Lastly from the OGs, Farrah and baby Sophia.

farrah&#x27;s opening credits

It was actually kind of hard to find a pic of Farrah holding baby Sophia from Season 1.

farrah is holding sophia

But I got this cute one from the reunion.

farrah holding baby sophia

So yeah, here's lil' baby Sophia then:

a closeup of baby sophia

And here's mother and daughter now:

They do quite a few public events together.

Oh, and she's 13 now. Farrah is 30.

Now we're onto the cast of Teen Mom 2. Let's start with Leah and her twins Aliannah and Aleeah.

the opening credit to teen mom

Here's how you probably remember them:

And here they are now:

Leah's twins are 12. She also has a 9-year-old.

Leah is 29, and here's a pic of her and her boyfriend.

We're up to Chelsea and Aubree.

chelsea&#x27;s openign cards

Here they were pumpkin picking.

they are picking pumpkins

Here they are listening to someone speak.

they are listening to someone speak

And here's a closeup of baby Aubree.

baby aubree smiling

Well, Aubree just turned 12:

Chelsea is 30 and has four kids of her own now.

And she's been married since 2016.

Onto Kailyn and her son Isaac.

kailyn&#x27;s opening credits

Here they are way back when.

baby isaac and kailyn smiling on a bed

Those were the days!

kailyn feeding isaac

Here they are now, Isaac just turned 12:

Twitter: @KailLowry

Kailyn has four kids now.

Dominican Republic 2021 💙

Twitter: @KailLowry

Last but not least, we have Jenelle and Jace.

jenelle&#x27;s opening credits

You probably remember her and Barbara yelling at each other.

baby jace in between jenelle and barbara

Here is Jace then:

And here they are now, Jace is 12 and Jenelle is 30.

Jenelle has three kids now.

She's been married since 2017.

Oh, and her youngest looks identical to her.

Soooo yeah, that's that! Feel old yet? Because I sure do.