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    Catelynn And Tyler From "Teen Mom" Shared A Rare Picture Of Their Teenage Adopted Daughter, And You're Officially A Fossil

    I am way too invested in their relationship.

    Nothing, and I mean nothing, makes me feel older than seeing the original teen moms from MTV's Teen Mom with their own teenage kids.

    Maci's son Bentley is 14 now.

    Leah's twins are 13.

    And Farrah's daughter Sophia is 14.

    Farrah and Sophia posing for a photo at a media event

    But this post is about my fav couple from the show: Catelynn and Tyler.

    Catelynn and Tyler smile on the red carpet for photographers

    They've been together for over 15 years!!

    If you remember, Catelynn and Tyler placed their daughter Carly up for adoption.

    I was 100% rooting for them because they seemed to be the only ones with common sense on the show!

    Catelynn and Tyler sitting on a bench in a scene from "Teen Moms"

    Anyway, they seem to be doing really well nowadays.

    They're now in their early 30s and have three daughters of their own.

    Yes, THREE daughters.

    Their adopted daughter Carly just turned 14, and Catelynn shared a picture of all of them together.

    This was Carly then:

    Baby carly in a high chair

    And here they all are now:

    Tyler left this super sweet comment:

    "Omg 🥹 the feeling I have when I’m with all of my beautiful girls is truly indescribable. The amount of pure organic love is overwhelming, almost to the point of being unbearable at times."

    Anyway, I love these two. Now excuse me while I sign up for AARP because I can't believe how old this makes me feel.