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People Are Laughing At Taylor Swift After Discovering What She Does After Her Viral Stage Dive

"There's something so trippy about this."

Welcome to the 227th post about Taylor Swift's stage dive on the Eras tour!

For those of you who have somehow missed the first 226 posts, this is the stage dive:

Twitter: @TSwiftNZ

Taylor does the dive on every tour date, and it's easily one of the most viral/talked about moments of the show because it looks like she's diving (to her death) into the literal stage:

When I saw Taylor do the dive I was wondering the whole time if she face-planted because look at it 😂 #GlendaleTSTheErasTour #TSTheErasTour

Twitter: @replover4eva

I've been obsessed since day one.

I’m rating this one a 1300/10. She REALLY jumped in head first fearless. 🫶 #ArlingtonTSTheErasTour

Twitter: @swiftlykennedy

For a while now, people wondered how she survived. Was there a McDonald's ball pit under there? Twitter: @DQpapi22

What about a big ol' trampoline foam pit?


Twitter: @foreverrwinter

But then we found out there was a giant inflatable that blows up every time the stage opens.

🎥| Another angle of @TaylorSwift13's stage dive

@carolinatswift/ Twitter: @carolinatswift Twitter: @TheSwiftSociety

The inflatable blows up and a red light indicates that it's not ready...

Taylor Swift onstage

When the inflatable thingy fills with air, the light turns green and Taylor jumps.

Taylor Swift onstage

But what happens next?! How did she get to the other side of the stage? So many mysteries!

We finally have an answer.

A new angle filmed at the very last show on this leg of the tour seems to answer some of these questions:

If you look really closely, you can see her crawling away.

Fans found it hilarious.

From "You unlocked the magic portal"...

... to "I've literally been dying to know how she does this."

A mystery has been solved.

As this person said, it took this entire leg of the Eras tour, but we finally got this POV.