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Britney Spears Made $56 Million Last Year But Here's Where She Shops

Humble queen of humbleness.

First, let's clear any negative energy with this video of 14,000 people screaming "WHO IS IT?!" at Britney's Berlin concert date.

The moment when the entire @MBArenaBerlin shouts “Who is it?!” at #PieceOfMe! We love you @britneyspears @TheBritneyArmy

Now that our energy is "clear" and we have *better* vibes, let's get right into it.

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Here's the skinny: Kevin Federline gets $20,000 a month from Britney Spears for doing absolutely nothing besides existing. He wants more money because he thinks he deserves it or something.

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Here's more skinny: Yes, it's child support and Britney should have to pay. FINE. But the thing is she already pays for most of the kid's expenses/lives ie. clothes, school, etc.

In the words/grumbles of the iconic God Warrior:

Trading Spouses

Sooooo, Kevin is taking Britney to court to ask for more money. In court documents it was disclosed how much Britney makes in a year and where she spends her money.

You already know this because it's in the title, but Britney made about $56 million in 2017.


While most extremely wealthy people spend their money on like jewels, yachts, and maybe, idk, guns and helicopter rides? It was revealed where Britney spends most of her money. It will either be a complete surprise or not to you.

Sooooo, in these documents it was revealed...

Britney makes a ton of shopping trips to Target, Trader Joe's, Walmart, and Bath & Beyond.


Queen of BB&B 20% off coupons.

She likes to eat at Wetzel's Pretzels, Tommy's Burger, McDonald's, and Sonic.


Number 2* queen.

*Not poop, like the two burgers and fries deal at McDonald's.

And her favorite stores to shop at are Old Navy, TJ Maxx and Macy's.


Oh yes, we love a Maxxinista.

So, while she may have more money than the Pope (does the Pope even have a lot of money?), it appears that Britney remains humble.


Queen of shopping like a mom from Ohio, queen of rejecting societal norms of the rich, queen of the Target ONE SPOT.

Ellen Tube

The end.

I actually really need to find where this is from

H/t E.

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