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    Posted on Oct 25, 2017

    These Pictures Of Lady Gaga Are Fucking Me Up Because She Literally Looks Like Marilyn Monroe

    *Chugs an energy drink, collapses, prolapses, and finally recovers*

    You know, it was just your typical Wednesday.

    I was sitting here with my friend Val checking out all the hottest blogs, when all of sudden...



    I came across these pictures of Lady Gaga going to the World Series and I lost all control of my body and bowels.

    Ipix211 / iPix211/London Entertainment


    Evga / EVGA / BACKGRID

    Lady Gaga is looking like what Marilyn Monroe would look like if Marilyn Monroe was magically young and not dead in 2017.

    Evga / EVGA / BACKGRID

    Gorgeous, happy, glowing, talented, and amazing.

    Evga / EVGA / BACKGRID

    Marilyn Monroe has died (like literally, she's a rotting corpse).

    Evga / EVGA / BACKGRID

    Gaga even took time from pretending to be a lady named Joanne to hug a poorer person.

    Evga / EVGA / BACKGRID

    I love philanthropy!

    Evga / EVGA / BACKGRID

    But seriously, Gaga is looking happy and healthy and we should celebrate that because not everyone has that!

    Evga / EVGA / BACKGRID

    To sum up this BuzzFeed posting:

    Matt Stopera / Via

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