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Britney Spears Has Been Photographing Her Boyfriend Basically Naked And The Photos Will Leave You Wet And Horny

Photogra-ney strikes.

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Britney Spears is known as many things.

You may know her as Britney Spears the vocalist...

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...or Britney Spears the global-warming warrior...

...a younger Meryl Streep...

MTV Films / Via

...the Steve Jobs of whale tail...

Scott Gries / Getty Images

...or a prolific painter of leaves more gorgeous than anything what's-his-face Mr. Starry Night did.

Britney's insta

Britney Spears can do it all.


But did you know that she's actually a gorgeous photographer of really hot, mostly naked men?!

Lightstar59 / Getty Images

Because damn, of course she is.

So, if you didn't know already, Britney is dating + banging a really hot dude who, frankly, makes Tree Man look like a damn stump.

^That's him. His name is Sam Asghari. He is 23 and he is a fucking REDWOOD.
Instagram: @

^That's him. His name is Sam Asghari. He is 23 and he is a fucking REDWOOD.

He also has an Instagram account, and like most fitness models' accounts, it is filled to the brim with thirst traps.

But there are a few thirst traps that are especially special because they were taken by Britney herself.


Last week Sam uploaded a series of photos with this caption:

Better half = Britney.
Sam's hot ass Insta

Better half = Britney.

That means Britney took this picture:

Instagram: @samasghari

DNA magazine has been canceled, Playgirl has been put on hiatus, and Terry Richardson is finally out of a job. Miss Britney Spears has out-photographed you with three simple thirst-trap shots.




Sam posted another Britney Spears original photograph a few days later.

FYI, Britney loves lions. She is a lioness.
Sam's thirst trap boudoir aka his insta

FYI, Britney loves lions. She is a lioness.

Take down the Mona Lisa, this photo is better.

Instagram: @samasghari

OK but seriously, she is a really good photographer. The end.