A Wild Video Of A Student Being Blown Over By The Wind In Kentucky Is Going Viral

    Yeah, that's gotta hurt.

    There were some big storms with extremely powerful winds in Kentucky on Tuesday.

    Lots of storm damage this morning in Lexington, Kentucky.@heraldleader @HLpublicsafety pic.twitter.com/FgX40dZgms

    — Ryan C. Hermens (@ryanhermens) April 2, 2024
    Twitter: @ryanhermens

    The storms were so powerful that is quite literally knocked a University of Kentucky student off of their feet.

    Person on ground with a burst water pipe spraying water in urban setting

    The video is going viral:

    A University of Kentucky student is knocked down by gusting winds and rain near Patterson Office Tower in the first round of storms that swept through Central Kentucky this morning. Original video by Ethan Ferry. pic.twitter.com/wnFITBvTLY

    — Kentucky Kernel (@KyKernel) April 2, 2024
    Ethan Ferry/Twitter: @KyKernel

    And for those asking, the person is apparently okay. Someone posted a picture they claim is the student after the storm.

    Is the person ok? https://t.co/dHOxV0Yp1n

    — Jim Cantore (@JimCantore) April 3, 2024
    Ethan Ferry/Twitter: @JimCantore

    Either way, be careful out there, people. April storms are no joke.

    WOW! This video from the University of Kentucky shows what appears to be a student being blown over as a storm hit campus. pic.twitter.com/QW9leT7NXq

    — Cleveland 19 News (@cleveland19news) April 3, 2024
    Ethan Ferry/ Twitter: @cleveland19news