This Video Of A Street In Japan "Breathing" During The Earthquake Is Going Super Viral

    I truly thought things like this happened only in horror movies.

    A 7.6 magnitude earthquake hit Japan on New Year's Day.

    People walking by buildings collapsed from the earthquake

    At least 55 people have been killed, and the videos coming out of Japan are pretty terrifying.

    Terrible situation in #Japan.#tsunami alert..#緊急地震速報

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    One in particular from a hospital worker is going super viral:




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    People on social media are saying it looks as if the ground is breathing.

    The ground is breathing???!!!

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    Luckily, the person who took the video is alright. Her original tweet is translated as, "It was really too scary. There is currently no damage from the tsunami, and we are safe. On my way to work for the night shift, the ground began to shake violently, cracking open right in front of me, and I was terrified. There are not many places where you can evacuate. I have to go to work... After a while, I arrived at work. I was in a hurry to make the video, but I took it."

    Screenshot of the tweet and translation

    In another post, they talked more about how they felt seeing the ground move like that: "At this point, it didn't seem real anymore, and I was anticipating the worst-case scenario."

    Screenshot of the tweet and translation

    In any case, I had no idea the ground could do that.

    OMG that's so scary

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    As this person said, "It seems like a horror movie scene."

    OMG, it's very scary, it's seems like horror movie scene, still no casualties in this area . #japones #JapanTsunami#JapanTsunami #Tsunami #Japon#輪島の火災 #TBSの記者

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