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14 Steps That Will Evolve Your Views On Gay Marriage

Attention! People who don't like gay people! Read this!

Step 1: Blame yourself.

Step 2: Realize gay marriage is inevitable. Statistics show people's views are rapidly changing on the issue.

Step 3: Imagine how stupid you'll look in 40 years.

Step 4: Listen to Louis CK.

Step 5: Let go of the idea that same-sex marriage is ruining the sanctity of marriage argument.

Step 6: Take a closer look at the Bible.

Step 7: Read their story and watch their video. Try not to cry.

View this video on YouTube

Unfortunately Ed passed away in December. He was never able to marry Derrence.

Step 8: Take a look at the people in your own life. How many couples do you know that have stayed together as long as these couples?

Step 9: Imagine their wedding.

Step 10: Look how happy these people are.

Come on, seriously.

Step 11: Ask yourself if you could say no to these kids?

Step 12: Ask yourself if you could say no to Neil Patrick Harris?

Step 13: Look at the consequences.

Step 14: Imagine the alternatives.