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    Spotify Is Exposing Gay People With Wrapped, And I Guess This Is What Coming Out Of The Closet Looks Like In 2021

    It's like Pride but better, tbh.

    Call up the God Warrior.

    Notify the Supernanny.

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    Get Stacie Orrico out of retirement already!

    It's Spotify Wrapped Day!

    For those who don't know, Spotify Wrapped is a very important day for the homosexual community.

    good morning gay people only, spotify wrapped is out

    Twitter: @dylans24

    It's practically a gay holiday.

    Twitter: @VAMPWENTZ

    Some call it Gay Christmas.

    spotify wrapped the new gay christmas

    Twitter: @PowerpupGuy

    Others call it the Gay Met Gala.

    spotify wrapped is out, what y’all wearing to the gay met gala ?

    Twitter: @ajvzqzz

    Either way, it's the one time of year when gay people are exposed by a music streaming service.

    spotify wrapped really exposed my gay ass 😭

    Twitter: @falseclosure

    They *know*.

    spotify wrapped said i diagnose you with gay

    Twitter: @redyketed

    Like, really, really know.

    Twitter: @salvucciodamico

    Not only is Wrapped Day about exposing homosexuality.

    gay gay gay gay and — *checks notes* — gay

    Twitter: @chrisrosa92

    But it also doubles as Mental Health Awareness Day.

    spotify wrapped is like, yes we know youre all gay and depressed but here is ✨proof✨

    Twitter: @mxhzrd

    From "Hi gay."

    Twitter: @_jolenecuisine

    To "Tell me I'm gay without saying I'm gay."

    my Spotify Wrapped, also known as "Tell me im gay without saying im gay."

    Twitter: @imsomisaloser

    Spotify has a *different* way of calling people gay slurs.

    Spotify just called me gay in 5 different slurs

    Twitter: @yannhatchuel

    Imagine if they had Spotify Wrapped 20 years ago?

    Twitter: @pressedman

    Coming out of the closet would have been a totally different experience.

    Didn’t know how many of my friends were gay til I saw their Spotify wrappeds

    Twitter: @AdamCoolKarlson

    So yeah, Happy Wrapped Day to all those who celebrate.

    Spotify Unwrapped basically just shows us which gays already go to therapy and which gays need to.

    Twitter: @JakeMcMillian

    And thank you Spotify for, yet again, calling us out.

    “your top moods were wistful and yearning” actually means “youre gay” spotify told me

    Twitter: @MISSMlSERY

    In conclusion, check in on your friends with Apple Music.

    I feel bad for all the apple music users who will never experience the joy of the gay superbowl that is spotify wrapped

    Twitter: @dreamteamwoof

    Sorry to those gays without Spotify.

    Am I still gay if I don’t have a Spotify wrapped? 🥺

    Twitter: @huntrsmith

    Maybe next year.

    spotify is here to confirm that yes i'm still gay

    Twitter: @jpwmuller

    I'll leave you with this thought, because I always wonder the same thing:

    I wonder what a str8 man’s Wrapped looks like? I guess there’s no way of knowing.

    Twitter: @Pardee


    the god warrior waving a rainbow flag