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We Need To Talk About Maluma's Gratuitous Thirst Traps

The ultimate collection.

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That picture sent me into full gay panic mode, meaning I sent the picture to a private chat FULL of gays. Everyone was like, "MATT, YOU KNOW MALUMA SETS THIRST TRAPS ON THE DAILY?!"

Now, I have heard of Maluma before, I know he's a massively successful Colombian singer and also extremely hot.

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I spiraled. For the next three hours, I scoured the internet looking at shirtless pictures of Maluma, carefully selecting the absolute best ones for my people, the people who thirst.


Maluma is cool because he is always treating fans to his body. In a vapid world filled with fakes it's nice knowing that Maluma is real. Bodies are beautiful machines and Maluma is taking us for ride with his.


Thank you for going on that journey with me the end.


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