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    56 Situations Where Andrew Lincoln Looks Absolutely Charming

    Walking Dead starts in less than 2 weeks! Let's all get excited by looking at these pictures of Andrew Lincoln.

    1. When he's covered in blood.

    2. When he opens his mouth just slightly as if he is surprised.

    3. When he is sitting on the floor, wearing the number 3, and photographed from above.

    4. When he's sucking on a rubberband.

    5. When he's against a wall and the sun is setting and his veins are popping out of his arms.

    6. When he is hanging from a fan.

    7. When he is hanging out next to a fireplace barefoot.

    8. When he is pointing a gun at your face.

    9. When he thinks.

    10. When he looks like this and is quoted saying the word "twat".

    11. When he admits that he can be "seriously sexy" and poses crouched down with his hand on his shoulder.

    12. When he escapes from a pile of zombies.

    13. When he kind of looks like a lesbian.

    14. When he sits at the bedside of his dying son.

    15. When he takes a casual stroll with a fire extinguisher that is exploding.

    16. When his undershirts are too big for his real, actual shirts.

    17. When he scales brick walls.

    18. When he is sweaty and dirty.

    19. When he has a mustache.

    20. When he is sitting in bed next to an older man and a stuffed bear holding a bouquet of roses.

    21. When he calls himself "the egg man".

    22. When he is in a coma.

    23. When he puts his feet on the couch.

    24. When he is having a snowball fight with fake snowballs.

    25. When he is holding an axe.

    26. When he poses seductively on a couch with his hands behind his head while wearing baggy jeans.

    27. When he is serious.

    28. When he jumps from a tank, in the middle of a city, while being chased by a shitload of zombies.

    29. When he's about to answer a question.

    30. When he wears glasses.

    31. When he uses his hands to explain something.

    32. When he sits on the back of a car, takes off his socks and shoes, and looks up.

    33. When he is sitting on the back of a car without his shoes on and looks through the rear windshield.

    34. When he is crouching on the ground, giving stink face, and holding a gun.

    35. When he is bored.

    36. When he was in Love Actually.

    37. When he stands alone in front of pools.

    38. When he gets crazy eyes.

    39. When he is about to get wrecked by a shovel.

    40. When he pretends that he got "caught" doing crunches.

    41. When he sits in a leather chair and puts his hand on his head.

    42. When he sits in a red leather chair and puts his hand on his head.

    43. When he is on a roof in a glass room.

    44. When he wears really baggy jeans.

    45. When he thought this was stylish.

    46. When he thought this was stylish.

    47. When he buttons his jacket.

    48. When he sits on stools.

    49. When he points.

    50. When he is blurry.

    51. When someone is trying to kill him.

    52. When motorcycles fall on him.

    53. When he falls down and is photographed.

    54. When he poses like this.

    55. When he is covered in ladies.

    56. And, lastly, even when his hair looked like this!

    Most pictures from the Andrew Lincoln Pictures Facebook group.