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    38 Things You Need To Know About The Japanese Boo

    Shunsuke is a 12-year-old Pomeranian with over 200,000 fans on Facebook. He lives in Japan with his human, Shun Mama. He is amazing.

    38. Hello, America! Meet Shunsuke. Shunsuke is a vision of everything that is good and perfect in the world.

    37. You can call him Shun for short.

    36. His hobbies include dressing up as a watermelon...

    35. ...and making newspaper hats.

    34. He's also a big ham. He loves dressing up in costumes and posing for pictures.

    33. Here he is dressed as a panda:

    32. There is nothing more adorable than pictures of him sleeping.

    31. Can you take it?

    30. CAN YOU TAKE IT?!

    29. Shunsuke isn't one of those Poms that's into gender norms. He totally doesn't mind dressing up as Snow White...

    28. ...or Hello Kitty. He knows he looks great in a dress, so whatever.

    27. Have I mentioned his obsession with Snow White? HE'S OBSESSED.

    26. When he's not catching up on Disney princesses, Shunsuke frequents the aquarium.

    25. He's kind of a nature freak.

    24. Just so you know, this is what he looks like in a little straw hat.

    23. And this is what he looks like with a straw hat and a leopard-print bone.

    22. His favorite piece of clothing is his yellow raincoat.

    21. It fits him perfectly.

    20. His favorite flowers are sunflowers.

    19. His favorite accessory is headbands.

    18. Summer is his favorite season.

    17. Fall is his second favorite. He collects the leaves.

    16. Baseball is his favorite sport.

    15. Oh, and here's a picture of him dressed up as a tissue box.

    14. Shunsuke also has a thing for boxes.

    13. Sometimes he thinks he's a cat.

    12. See:

    11. His favorite holiday is his birthday.

    10. This was his favorite gift he received last year. The boy just loves fashion.

    9. He has been described as a "carefree soul."

    8. Shunsuke collects stuffed animals...

    7. ...because he basically is one.

    6. When he's alone he pretends to be one.

    5. He owns a mushroom hat.

    4. He picks his own strawberries.

    3. He is happier than these two cats.

    2. I swear this isn't a Kit-Kat advertisement, he just likes them.

    1. I'll leave you this picture of Shunuske wearing a watermelon scarf.

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    That is all.