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Show Us How Much You've Changed Since Moving To A Bigger City

Leaving a small town can trigger one of the biggest transformations.

One of the biggest physical and mental transformations happens when people leave their small town and move to a larger city.


I call this phenom the "big city glow-up."


Maybe you left your hometown for a job...

Was looking at recent pics & it’s crazy how coming out can really change your life. I came out in March & it’s given me a sense of pride, power, & purpose—things the ‘me’ on the left never felt. It makes you wanna be your best self. If you’re scared, just know things get better.

...or maybe moving to a bigger city finally gave you the confidence you were looking for...

"The left is me with my first boyfriend and the right is me three years later with my first girlfriend. I grew up in a conservative west Texas town and spent most of my time forcing myself to be something I wasn’t. Now I’m living in a much less conservative town and finally gained the confidence to accept myself as I am. I truly never thought I could be so happy." —Miller

...either way, the big city glow-up is real!

Erin Chack/BuzzFeed

Use the DropBox below to submit a before and after picture showing your big city glow-up along with a sentence or two about that transition for your chance to be part of a future BuzzFeed Community post.