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Show Us How Much You've Changed Since Moving To A Bigger City

Leaving a small town can trigger one of the biggest transformations.

One of the biggest physical and mental transformations happens when people leave their small town and move to a larger city.

I call this phenom the "big city glow-up."

Maybe you left your hometown for a job...

Was looking at recent pics & it’s crazy how coming out can really change your life. I came out in March & it’s given me a sense of pride, power, & purpose—things the ‘me’ on the left never felt. It makes you wanna be your best self. If you’re scared, just know things get better.

...or maybe moving to a bigger city finally gave you the confidence you were looking for...

...either way, the big city glow-up is real!

Use the DropBox below to submit a before and after picture showing your big city glow-up along with a sentence or two about that transition for your chance to be part of a future BuzzFeed Community post.