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The Actor Who Played Miss Honey In "Matilda" Looks Exactly Like Sarah Paulson

They are the same person.

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The other night i was flipping through the ole' tele when perennial repeat and national treasure Matilda popped on TBS or TNT or one of those stations where they play Matilda all the time.

Rich Legg / Getty Images

I obviously watched it because that movie basically raised me.

Rich Legg / Getty Images

But I noticed something this time...

HOW TO HECK did I never realize Miss Honey was played by Sarah Paulson?!

TriStar Pictures

*Lowers glasses*

TriStar Pictures

It's really her!

TriStar Pictures

And I wasn't the only one!

Other people thought the same thing.

I was not alone.

But then I did some investigative Googling...

Monkey Business Images Ltd / Getty Images

Turns out I'm dumb as hell.

Miss Honey was played by a woman with an amazing name.

Her name: Embeth Davidtz.

Stewart Cook / Getty Images


TriStar Pictures

They are the same.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

In another life Sarah Paulson is Miss Honey.

And here's a side by side of modern day Sarah Paulson and Embeth Davidtz for your records.

Chris Delmas / AFP / Getty Images
Jason Merritt / Getty Images

In conclusion, here's an idea:

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