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    Sam Hunt Is The Hottest Thing To Happen To Country Music Since Ever

    Well maybe since Tim McGraw.

    Hi daddy.

    I mean Sam Hunt.

    I mean, I'm not creepy I just like nice things even if they have faux-hipster undercuts.

    Sam Hunt is literally and figuratively the hottest thing in country music.

    He's like a dude bro who you know you're not supposed to really be attracted to but Jesus he's so fucking cute.

    He has this song called "Leave the Light On," which is the current No. 1 song in ~ country music~. Cool. But that's not why we're here. That's not why you clicked.

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    Anyway, as any normal would do, I instantly went in search of shirtless pictures. Unfortunately, this is the closest thing I could find to a shirtless picture.

    Though I did find some sweaty wife beater action so I can't really complain.

    My favorite part about Sam Hunt is that he's got "The Three Royal Ts."



    And thick-ass veins.

    He's also 6-foot-4 (!!!!!!!!!!!).

    So, can you imagine seeing 6 feet, 4 inches of this at the airport?

    Or 6 feet, 4 inches of this in front of a metal truck?!

    Or a man of 6 feet, 4 inches towering over a washing machine at the laundromat?

    In a suit and still 6-foot-4.

    Again, he is a dude bro... but aren't we all?!

    Snapbacks just DO. IT. FOR. ME.

    My hipster country queen.

    Speak your words.

    Smile your smiles.

    And make those angels cream.