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    Ron DeSantis's Painfully Awkward Smile Is Going Viral, And It Really Does Gets Funnier Every Time

    "Ron DeSantis’s debate smile looks like he’s taking his 8th grade yearbook photo and he’s a little nervous about his new braces."

    Last night, the GOP held a Trump-less debate with eight Republican nominee hopefuls.

    Screenshot from the Republican debate

    One moment is the standout moment in terms of "that's definitely going to become a meme."

    Closeup of Ron DeSantis speaking during the debate

    That moment is Ron DeSantis trying to smile:

    Fox/ Twitter: @CoolNuka

    As this person said, "He's malfunctioning already."

    Fox/Twitter: @WOlookingitup

    Another person compared it to taking a dump.

    Fox/Twitter: @lbream

    And this person described it as simply "hideous."

    Twitter: @SujOfficial

    My timeline is filled with the moment.

    Fox/Twitter: @keithedwards

    I'm seeing comparisons to Wednesday Addams.

    Warner Bros/ Twitter: @rebecca_fachner

    They're calling him Chandler Bing.

    NBC/ Twitter: @tball_15

    And this person's comparison to an 8th grader's yearbook pic with braces is pretty spot on:

    Twitter: @_Mack_Moore

    Anyway, this is destined to become a meme.

    Fox/Twitter: @_Brodes

    It's already beginning...

    Fox/ Twitter: @asmith83