108 Reasons Why Corgis Really Are That Great

Some people on the internet are saying Corgis are overrated. Well, THOSE PEOPLE are totally wrong and here’s why!

1. Corgis have perfect ears,

6. and bellies.

7. Corgis are so great that they make all other dogs mixed with them better, like Huskies,

8. Australian Shepherds,

9. Shiba Inus,

10. and Basset Hounds.

11. Corgis are incredibly festive and fun around the holidays. They celebrate Easter,

12. Christmas,

14. Sweater Season,

15. Halloween,

16. and Valentine’s Day.

17. Corgis throw the BEST parties,

18. especially pool parties!

19. I mean seriously, look at this Corgi on a raft!!!

20. And this Corgi with a beer.

21. And this corgi wearing goggles.

22. Oops, this little guy drank too much.

23. Corgis are so much fun!!!!


24. Corgis are very helpful around the house. They’re always willing to help with laundry,

25. vacuuming,

26. grocery shopping,

27. putting groceries away,

28. and cooking!

29. Corgis are extremely fashionable. They look fabulous in long ties,

30. short ties,

31. bowties,

32. polka dots,

33. normal sunglasses,

34. oversized sunglasses,

35. graphic t’s,

37. motorcycle goggles,

38. brown paper bags,

39. and even visors! Seriously, who looks good with a visor on?!

40. Corgis are incredibly skilled. They can drive,

41. use computers,

42. and hold your Kindle.

43. Corgis play well with kids,

47. parrots,

49. and babies.

50. Corgis can also sit really cool. Like this,

51. and this.

52. Corgis are fearless. They aren’t afraid of dinosaurs,

54. or some creepy fat guy in a red suit.

55. Okay I lied, sometimes they’re afraid of sharks… but who isn’t!

56. Corgis have great imaginations. They love to dress up as princesses,

57. city buses,

58. mariachis,

59. and trout.

60. Corgis love the cinema. They’re really into The Wizard Of Oz,

61. Harry Potter,

63. and Risky Business.

64. Some Corgis can even fly.

66. I’m not kidding!

67. Corgis are natural born leaders.

68. Even ducks follow them!

69. Corgis are BEST at looking cute. For example this picture,

70. this picture,

71. this picture,

72. this picture,

73. this picture,

74. this picture,

75. this picture,

76. this picture,

77. this picture,

78. this picture,

79. this picture,

80. this picture,

81. this picture,

82. this picture,

83. this picture,

84. this picture,

85. this picture,

86. this picture,

87. this picture,

88. this picture,

89. this picture,

90. this picture,

91. this picture,

92. this picture,

93. this picture,

94. this picture,

95. this picture,

96. this picture,

97. this picture,

98. this picture,

99. this picture,

100. this picture,

101. this picture,

102. this picture,

103. this picture,

104. this picture,

105. this picture,

106. this picture,

107. this picture,

108. and this picture.

HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to the best website on the internet, Corgi Addict, for most of these pictures!

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