QUIZ: Are You Thirsty For Nick Jonas?

Find out here!

  1. 1. How does this picture of Nick Jonas' VNO make you feel?

    VNO = visible nipple outlines.

    1. Thirsty
    2. Totally hydrated
  2. 2. If Nick Jonas was to stop in the middle of the road and give you this look of complete lust how would you feel?
    1. Thirsty
    2. Totally hydrated
  3. 3. His bulging veins holding an empty froyo container make you feel?
    1. Thirsty
    2. Hungry for froyo
  4. 4. His naked armpit makes you feel how?
    1. Very very thirsty.
    2. Eh, fine.
  5. 5. His entire chest region makes you feel how?
    1. On the verge of imminent death due to lack of water.
    2. A little parched, but mostly hydrated. You could use a glass of water.
  6. 6. When you saw his flawless V lines you felt?
    1. Like an actual corpse who died from dehydration.
    2. Definitely in need of a little gatorade, but a glass of water would suffice.
  7. 7. You're in CVS and you see Nick Jonas' biceps. What do you do?
    1. Immediately grab a bottle of Dasani.
    2. Buy some skittles.
  8. 8. You are at the gym and Nick Jonas gets off his machine...
    1. You think about licking the machine. You know it’s salt water, but you’re desperate for anything.
    2. You use a different machine.
  9. 9. Nick Jonas is exiting a body of water. What do you do?
    1. Attack. You lick the water clean of his body.
    2. You’re around a body of water. How could you possibly want any of it? You back away.
  10. 10. Nick Jonas' ass in general makes you...
    1. Dead.
    2. Nothing. It’s an ass.

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