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Proof That Literally No One Wears Handkerchiefs Better Than Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers are so hot right now.

Exhibit A: The dog on the left looks miserable and boring. The dog on the right looks flawless and glowing.

Exhibit A: This golden who is so confident about his red hankie that his tongue is hanging out and he doesn't even notice!

Exhibit C: This dog wearing a more demure handkerchief. Classy.

Exhibit D: The spirit that is exuding from this golden. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND HANDKERCHIEFS.

Exhibit E: This golden that will get what it wants because SHE LOOKS SO FUCKIN CUTE IN THAT HANKIE.

Exhibit F: This golden practically oozing self-confidence. LOOK AT THAT POSE.


Exhibit G: This puppy in black. The handkerchief adds a nice detail to her trademark dark eyes.

Exhibit H: Head scarves! They are so versatile!

Exhibit I: Look how dumb the yellow lab looks compared to the golden. Also check out that pose. What an empowered woman.

Exhibit J: This golden that has accessorized her hankie with a cute lil bow.

Exhibit J: Look how fashionably forward this guy looks. A pug could never.

Exhibit K: This golden puppy mugging for the camera. I can find 0 flaws here.

Exhibit L: The smile on this golden's face. Radiant. The handkerchief perfectly accentuates her boyish figure.

Exhibit M: This festive golden. Those eyes. That nose. That hankie. Beautiful.

Point proven. End of story.