Are Cristiano Ronaldo And Billy Ray Cyrus The Same Person?


1. Hypothesis:

Cristiano Ronaldo and Billy Ray Cyrus are freakishly and eerily similar. They exhibit many of the same qualities. This means they are the same person.

2. Evidence:

3. Exhibit A: They both have had, at one time in their lives, blonde highlighted hair.


4. Billy Ray prefers more of the “chunky” variety, but it’s still worth noting they’ve exhibited this “popular trend.*”

Stephen Shugerman / Getty Images


5. Exhibit B: They both have an affinity for faded blue distressed denim.


6. Billy Ray likes to “rock” giant holes.


7. Exhibit C: Scarves.


8. This is Billy Ray Cyrus in a scarf on a warm LA day with messy “bed head.” Slightly different than Cristiano but whatever. You get the point.


9. Exhibit D: They both generally have questionable haircuts.

Harold Cunningham / Getty Images

10. In Billy Ray’s case, his is a crime against humanity.


11. Exhibit E: They both wear sunglasses when they’re having their picture taken.

Stephen Shugerman / Getty Images

12. Billy Ray also wears a soul patch with his sunglasses.

Charley Gallay / Getty Images

13. Exhibit F: Earrings.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

14. Cristiano is partial to to the ever-popular, diamond studs.

Jeff Mitchell - FIFA / Getty

15. Exhibit G: The thumbs up.


16. A favorite move of Cristiano.


17. Exhibit I: The two sure do love a good knitted beanie.


18. They’re both partial to grey.


19. Exhibit J: The peace sign.

Elisabetta Villa / Getty Images

20. Again, the same.


21. Exhibit K: This face.

Lars Baron / Getty Images

22. This is not Billy Ray’s face but this is his Louis Vuitton bracelet and heart tattoo.

23. Exhibit L: The two love a good sweatsuit top.


24. Billy Ray opts for the baggier variety.


25. Exhibit M: Their love of busy ass prints.


26. Samesies.


27. Lastly, Billy Ray wears turquoise jewelry. This has nothing to do with Cristiano Ronaldo, I just felt like sharing.

Stephen Shugerman / Getty Images

28. Conclusion:

Cristiano Ronaldo is obviously better looking than Billy Ray Cyrus. The two have few things in common but one overwhelming similarity: they are very, very douchey.

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