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23 Powerful And Important Photos From Ben Cohen's 2014 Calendar Shoot

God is real. I'm a believer. Also pregnant.

1. Hail Holy Queen. The great mother, Mary. And Jesus himself. Ben Cohen is real!!!

2. Set to come out in 2014, or later this year (I haven't bought a calendar since I was a tween at a mall so I'm not sure how these things work), the calendar features rugby player Ben Cohen in various compromising and hot positions.

3. First off, and most importantly, there is VPL.

4. Shower scenes.

5. And the always classic + timeless nip slip.

6. The thing that makes this calendar so special is that Ben Cohen is really, really hot.

7. The coolest part about this calendar is that Ben Cohen's half naked throughout most of it.

8. What makes this calendar even more special is that Ben happens to be really good at posing whilst half-naked.

9. Good pose.

10. Better pose.

11. Best pose!

12. Besides his biceps, face, and chest...the true star of the Ben Cohen calendar is his torso.

13. It, the torso, is just really good at being there and in the moment. It's also good at looking casual and good.

14. There is this one part in the locker room when everything gets pretty crazy.

15. Oh shit.

16. Oh no, not the water!

17. OK yes, the water. More water.

18. TBH, the locker room scenes are a true highlight.

19. Hi.

20. Hi again.

21. Yes, please!

22. I love you.

23. Call me to set a date for our wedding. Xoxo. Bye.

FYI, you can order the calendar here.