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20 Horrifying Pictures You Once Thought Were Hot

You were truly warped.

It was the '90s and early 2000s. Tips were frosted, sunglasses were tinted purple, tiny baby tees were the norm, and everyone was puffy. There was just too much damn fabric.

Here's a list of things you thought were hot:

1. Male crop tops, a shit ton of leather, and bellybutton tats.

2. This clusterfuck of beading, fabrics, and furs.

3. T H I C K A S S ill-fitting suits made of carpet and drapes.

4. Turtlenecks and painted denim. Toni Braxton is literally applauding JC at this style choice like, "Bravo, my gold-splattered denim man!"

5. Long denim coats, white guys with cornrows, floppy leather hats, and whatever the fuck Chris is wearing.

6. Slabbing together pieces of leather like Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas into a fedora.

7. Slabbing together pieces of denim.

8. Greasy-looking boys, in general.

9. Whatever the fuck Chad Michael Murray is wearing.

10. All. Of. This.

11. Strips of reflective tape pasted onto heavy leather clothing.

12. No, Erik von Detten didn't just go swimming. It's gel.

13. This GD mess.

14. Those goggles are making me gag, dahling!

15. White on white on white with matching fedoras.

Yas Gaga. Slay mama!

16. See-through shirts and sequin tops.

17. I think those are vests?

18. Shirts that are about three sizes too big with backward "newsboy" caps.

19. Cute baby-doll frames with massive leather jackets.

20. Can't forget the frosted spiky tips.

21. And most importantly, purple-tinted sunglasses.

What a time to be alive!