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    These 19 Pictures Show Just How Much Damage A Tornado Can Do In 4 Minutes

    4 minutes!

    It's tornado season.

    Living in Oklahoma during tornado season is so weird because on days like today, everyone just kinda walks around wondering if they’ll have a house by the end of the day and you can’t act too anxious but you also can’t ignore it ???

    This weekend there was a tornado outbreak in Oklahoma, Missouri, and Ohio.

    1025 PM - TORNADO WARNINGS in effect for the Minco and El Reno areas. Get into the center part of your house and stay away from windows

    One tornado hit El Reno, Oklahoma, and was only on the ground for 4 minutes.

    In that 4-minute time period, the tornado traveled 2.2 miles.

    It was 75 yards wide.

    And it destroyed everything in its path.

    The tornado was strong enough to bend metal poles.

    Metal. Poles.

    There's a bath tub, literally just a lone bath tub, on its side.

    That looks like a lone La-Z-boy.

    A mangled muffin tin and laptop keyboard.

    A 2x4 lodged into the ground.

    Check out this 2x4 embedded into the ground from the El Reno tornado @NEWS9

    A 2x4 lodged in a car.

    A car tossed on its side.

    A building tossed on its side.

    A dumpster was tossed to the second floor of a hotel.

    This is what it looked like in one of the hotel rooms.

    Multiple people were injured.

    And two people were killed.

    All of this happened in 4 minutes.

    But the community is already coming together.

    They've raised thousands of dollars.

    City of El Reno tornado relief fund already at $12,000 in just one hour. Goal was $1000. Praise God!!

    Donated tons of supplies.

    One at a time, folks are bringing in supplies here to the VFW in El Reno. They tell me flood victims are also welcome to come get what they need. #ElRenoStrong @OKCFOX

    And people are slowly trying to reunite people with their pets and possessions.

    PHOTO FOUND NEAR TORNADO DEBRIS ▶️ Do you know this person? Someone cleaning debris found this photo near where the El Reno tornado hit. Please share and help get this back to the right person!

    I'll leave you with this video of a man being brought to tears after finding his cat.

    WATCH: A man who lost everything in the #ElRenoTornado, nearly brought to tears after being reunited with his beloved cat #ElRenoStrong #GoodDayOK @OKCFOX