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21 Photos That Prove Steven Tyler Is The Coolest Grandma Ever


1. If you somehow didn't already know, Steven Tyler is a really rad grandma.

2. Like the coolest grandma around.

3. Whether he's rocking a "Go Fuck Your #Selfie" ensemble accessorized with a multi-colored fur scarf and floral embroidered jeans...

4. ... tiny baby sunglasses...

5. ... or studded sandals. His style is always on point.

Overlapping toe realness that's right.

6. You see, Steven Tyler has a thing for really cool and funky jeans.

7. He sometimes accessorizes his funky jeans with tiny dogs your grandma would literally gag over.

8. Yaaaas grandma!!!

9. Slaaaaay grandmama!!!

10. You look sooo guuud!!!!

11. His frock game is on point.

12. Like your fav grandma could not even.

13. That pose.

14. That look.

15. Giving face and relatable hand gestures.

16. ROCK N ROLL, bb!

17. Because only Steven Tyler could ever.


18. You want a hot body?

19. You want a Bugatti?

20. You want a Maserati?

21. You better work bitch.