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    11 People Whose Lives Were Destroyed By Marijuana

    Heed the warnings, people! Don't do it! Please, don't do it!

    1. Marijuana shrunk this boy's face.

    2. This girl Becky snorted it.. and she died.

    3. Look what it did to Kelly...

    4. This former beauty queen's post-marijuana transformation is shocking:

    5. And this poor kid turned gay DURING Heterosexual Awareness Week:

    Via Twitter: @ConcernedMom420

    Such bad timing.

    6. This girl's mother DIED IN 16 DAYS because of marijuana!

    7. Nick Nolte turned into Macaulay Culkin.

    8. This really successful businessman also died.

    9. This girl dreamed of being an accountant, then she found weed. Look what happened:

    10. Famous baseball player, Shaun White:

    11. And even Drake!

    Please. I BEG YOU. Follow Concerned Mom on Twitter. She is behind this very important movement. Listen to her wisdom!

    And remember: