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25 Questions Millennials Should Answer That Are Funny Because They're True

*I am feeling very attacked.gif*

It finally happened. Gen Z has had enough. Millennials, we're being dragged.

i’m awake at 3 am and i just want everyone to know what gen z says about millennials on tiktok.....

From Harry Potter houses to BuzzFeed quizzes to thinking that drinking wine is a personality trait...they really got us.

It started on TikTok, but you can find it on Twitter. Here are some questions people have for millennials that, I'm sorry, are funny because they're true.


why do millennials always say, “just did a thing”.....bitch u bought a cat cactus holder stfu


why do millennials end everything with .... LIKE WHAT DID I DO ?????


why do millennials think being 30 is a personality trait


why do millennials only speak in gifs. you’re 30, use your words baby❤️


Why do millennials love to mention that they’re alcoholics like it’s a goal to achieve liver failure


why do millennials think they’re special everyone knows what a vhs tape is buddy sit down


Why do millennials love funko pops so much lol


why do millennials insist on dming posts from private meme pages & drinking la croix?


What the fuck does “fucking a” mean and why do millennials say it (me)?


why do millennials think dildos are so funny


why do millennials name their kids like that? who told them that Lakelyn and Emberleigh were good options? @ gen z can we please not continue this shit


Why do Millennials compare everything to Harry Potter lol. Like shut the fuck up


why do millennials always go apeshit over the eggplant emoji. like it is SPECIFICALLY a millennial thing


Why do millennials take photos with a Polaroid and then take photos of the Polaroid photo?



Why do millennials add Mac and cheese to everything? Mac and cheese burgers, Mac and cheese poutine, Mac and cheese depression! Like stop lol


Why do millennials think that not downloading TikTok makes them an adult. Like grow up smh


why do millennials only post tiktoks of them dancing to music from 2003 and holding their 6th glass of wine 😐


Why do millennials use nouns in the place of verbs? "I can't math" "Englishing is hard today"


Millennials always shit on boomers for carpeting hardwoods in the 70s, but who's the one painting over original brick and high quality wood furniture, BECKY?


why do millennials care so much ab the fact that theyre 90s kids??? sis WE KNOW. THATS WHEN YOU GREW UP. 😭😭💀


why do millennials say we’re annoyingly when all they do is complain about their back problems and drink cheap wine


Why do millennials still thinkd gifs are funny it’s not 2015 😹😁❤️


Why do millennials lose their minds whenever they hear a song from a 90s Disney movie


Why do millennials act like growing up in the 90’s is a personality trait? @BuzzFeed I’m talking to you.