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    People Are Losing Their Ability To Taste And Smell, Which Could Indicate They Have A Coronavirus Infection

    There's a new hypothesis about the coronavirus.

    For the past four days, I haven't been able to smell or taste anything. I had a very mild fever a week ago, which has now broken, and I've been left with the inability to taste or smell ever since. It really freaked me out, until I read that there is increasing evidence that suggests people who have COVID-19 experience this symptom.

    I haven't left my apartment since the fever, so don't worry!!

    The American Academy of Otolaryngology says there is increasing evidence that shows the loss of taste and smell are associated with COVID-19.

    The American Academy of Otolaryngology posted information on its website saying that mounting anecdotal evidence indicates that lost or reduced sense of smell and loss of taste are significant symptoms associated with Covid-19

    It's just a hypothesis at this stage and therefore not fully proven. You should consult with medical professionals before jumping to conclusions!

    The New York Times reported that British ear, nose, and throat doctors are calling for adults who experience loss of taste/smell to isolate, EVEN IF THEY DON'T HAVE ANY OTHER SYMPTOMS.

    In the areas of Italy most heavily affected by the virus, doctors say they have concluded that loss of taste and smell is an indication that a person who otherwise seems healthy is in fact carrying the virus and may be spreading it to others.

    “Almost everybody who is hospitalized has this same story,” said Dr. Marco Metra, chief of the cardiology department at the main hospital in Brescia, where 700 of 1,200 inpatients have the coronavirus. “You ask about the patient’s wife or husband. And the patient says, ‘My wife has just lost her smell and taste but otherwise she is well.’ So she is likely infected, and she is spreading it with a very mild form.”

    I went on Twitter and found plenty of people experiencing similar symptoms.

    Iiiiiii can't smell or taste anything today and it's freaking me tf out.

    People have lost their tasting and smelling abilities.

    My mom cooked for me: baked chicken, cabbage, baby shower meatballs, garlic roasted potatoes. And I can’t taste or smell still. I am SAD. And it makes me not want to eat. Dear lord bring my taste and smell back. 😭😭😭

    It's aggravating.

    I can’t smell or taste shit.... this so aggravating 🤬

    It's frustrating.

    It’s bloody annoying craving a nice beef stew with fries but knowing it’s pointless to get it as you can’t smell or taste anything... 😑

    It's downright confusing.

    I’m feeling almost better from being sick but I can’t taste or smell anything!!! even when my sinuses feel completely unplugged (like right now, I’m chewing gum and can only slightly feel that cold sensation you get from mint gum)

    Researchers have so far seen people regain their sense of taste/smell after a few days or weeks.

    Day 5. Can’t smell or taste a thing. Fever going down. Isolation sucks.

    Some people are on their second week of it.

    Day 10 of quarantine: I can’t taste or smell anything 😔

    Some people are just starting.

    Settled down to eat my final 2 chocolate digestives from my isolation rations and realised I CAN’T TASTE OR SMELL ANYTHING. WHAT A WASTE.

    Either way, you're not alone.

    So I’m not the only one that can’t smell or taste anything.😅

    But I do have *some* hope for you.

    I explained to my son that I still can’t smell or taste anything and that I lost my taste buds. He’s since spent a lot of time looking for them 🤩#CoronaCrazies

    Some people on Twitter have gotten their smelling and tasting abilities back.

    I can finally taste and smell again thank god !

    After seven days, this person regained their senses.

    After not being able to smell or taste food for 7 days I can finally taste and smell again🙌🏾🙌🏾

    This person was finally able to smell dirty diapers.

    My sense of smell is back. 13 days after the start of what I think was coronavirus I can now smell again. I've heard a few reports that this is one of the mild, early symptoms to look out for. I hadn't missed the smells from my daughters nappies but my tea does taste better.

    And this person has a whole new relationship with avocado.

    In other news.... I can finally taste things again!!! It's as if I'm experiencing an avocado for the first time 😭😭

    Don't lose hope!!


    The most important thing to know here is: EVERYONE SHOULD BE STAYING HOME. You could be a silent carrier of the virus!!!!!!

    The moment I can taste and smell again I’m NEVER taking it for granted