I'm Laughing At What This 14-Year-Old "PEN15" Star Said Was The Biggest Difference Between Teens These Days Vs. Teens In The Early 2000s

    My answer to him is: I really don't know either!

    PEN15 is, without any sort of hyperbole, one of the best TV shows of the past few years.

    The AIM episode was flawlessly executed and completely my life.

    The Spice Girls episode perfectly captured the drama and competition caused from Spice Girl friend group casting.

    And the thong episode spoke to me on a seriously spiritual level.

    So, Season 2 was just released on Hulu, and Dylan Gage's storyline is one of the most discussed of this season.

    Dylan was interviewed by Kevin Fallon from the Daily Beast and he gave a quote about growing up in the early 2000s that will send a shiver down your spine.

    Here's what he said when he was asked what he thought the biggest difference was between kids these days and kids from 20 years ago:

    “I think the craziest thing is just like what they did all day. Like they didn't have YouTube back then. They didn't have memes to share. The video games that they had were, like, Nintendo 64 and stuff. So I genuinely don't know what they did all day.”

    No YouTube. No memes. Only a N64.

    "I genuinely don't know what they did all day."

    Whew, I can't even be mad. You got me there. I have no idea what we did all day either.

    Now excuse me why I go throw a million dollar pendant off the boat into the middle of the sea.