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*NSYNC's "I Want You Back" Music Video Is Absolutely Ridiculous


So we're on a spaceship with five guys in different colored tight baby tees with zippers. Some of them are wearing shell jewelry.

Joey and JC make eye contact. Joey puts his arm on JC. Chris and Lance stare off dreamily into the distance. Justin steps forward.

He coos out of the window. The boys in the baby tees look upset.

This is his view outside of the spaceship. It makes no sense.

So they do what anyone else in space would do: They make a congo line and grind.

Then we see a mom-like woman disintegrate. It is weird.

Justin is upset.

Joey is totally unfazed by the disintegrating woman. He claws at the air.

They dance some more because that's what deep space travelers in baby tees do.

They are pretty working the fuck out of that spaceship despite the fact that a woman just disintegrated in front of them.

It appears that they are playing hopscotch together.

Then we get a front-row seat to everyone's crotch.

They walk down a corridor.

You see the disintegrating woman in space. It makes absolutely no sense...

...but Joey seems to be, yet again, unfazed.

Justin touches himself.

Chris nods his head with his arms as wide open as he can make them.

Then he gets mad.


So they wiggle...

...and work those baby tees some more.

They walk down the corridor again. We still have no idea who this disintegrating woman is.

Thanks for the help, Chris.

Dance on, space boys.

And thank you, Joey. You are a star.

Watch the music video in all its glory here:

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BONUS: This is the actual, real CD single cover.