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    Kim Kardashian's Daughter Has A Hilarious Scam Game Going On With Her Mom's Rich Friends

    Smart kid!

    Kim Kardashian was just named one of GQ's "Men of the Year."

    Closeup of Kim Kardashian

    Congrats to her!

    A woman looking shocked at something she's reading on her laptop

    There's one part in the GQ interview that's going viral, and it's about her 10-year-old daughter scamming her friends.

    Kim and North at a podium as Kim speaks

    In the interview, Kim says her daughter North West sets up a lemonade stand outside her house every weekend.

    A lemonade stand in front of a house

    "She gets a huge pitcher and fills it, puts it in her wagon, and goes down to the corner. She has a table and chairs and fans to keep herself cool. She makes signs. She stays there hours and hours. Her friends help, so she splits the money with them," Kim explains.

    Kim and North at a basketball game

    "If a random person stops, she will charge them only $2. If she knows you, she will fully scam you," Kim says. "I’ll get calls from my friends saying she charged them $20 for a lemonade. She’ll grab their $20 and say, 'I don’t have any change.'"

    Kim Kardashian, North West, and Chris Appleton on the red carpet

    Honestly, that's a solid grift! Lord knows everyone in that neighborhood can afford it.