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    Nicki Minaj Said "Big Boobs?" On An Instagram Livestream And Now I Can't Stop Saying "Big Boobs?"

    "Big boobs?"

    On July 28, 2019, Nicki Minaj said "Big boobs?!" and the rest is history.

    The story goes like this: Nicki was doing an Instagram live, someone commented "big boobs," Nicki saw it, was confused, said "big boobs? What?...Um child anyways" and a new meme was born. Watch it here:

    Help i can't get this vid of nicki minaj saying big boobs? Wuh? Out of my head

    The eight-second long video is, for some reason, the greatest thing I've ever seen.

    is Nicki big boobs what uhm chile anyway so the best video of 2019 thus far

    Lives were changed, minds were altered, history was made.

    the person who commented big boobs during that nicki minaj instagram live has fundamentally changed my life

    And I'm not the only one.

    i could go to a comedy show and not crack a smile but nicki minaj says "big boobs" and im HOWLIN

    People can't stop saying "big boobs."

    nicki minaj saying “big boobs?” will be stuck in my head for the rest of my life in case you were wondering

    It's a movement.

    Nicki Minaj saying “Big Boobs?” Is my response for everything atm

    It's a way of thought.

    My brain is always nicki minaj saying "big boobs?"

    It's a state of being.

    all i think about all day is the video of nicki minaj saying "big boobs....,what?"

    This person whispered it in class.

    i said “big boobs” in reference to the nicki minaj video and my entire class heard me 😭

    This person's dad won't stop saying it.

    showed my dad the Nicki Minaj big boobs video and now he won’t stop repeating it around the house what have I done

    And this person did it in Polish.


    I have no idea why it's so great but I can't stop watching it, so watch it again:

    Nicki is retiring because no song could possibly top "big boobs???"

    It's even more funny when it's distorted:

    In conclusion, thanks to whoever commented "big boobs." We owe you.

    imagine being the person who commented big boobs on nicki’s livestream