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    These Pictures Of Scientists Demolishing A Murder Hornet Nest Are An IRL Sci-Fi Novel Come True

    Good for your teeth AND finding murder hornets!

    Murder hornets.

    A murder hornet being held held up in a hand
    Karen Ducey / Getty Images

    As TMZ says, "'Memba them?"

    Karen Ducey / Getty Images

    They're an invasive species that can kill a whole hive of honeybees in a few hours. Scary!

    Well, unfortunately, the first actual nest of them was discovered in Washington state.

    Person pouring a liquid into a plastic container next to a tree
    Karen Ducey / Getty Images

    But good news, they got 'em.

    Dead murder hornets in a hand
    Elaine Thompson / AP

    Like they literally vacuumed them out of a tree.

    A man holding up a vacuum of hornets
    AP Images

    The nest contained 98 or so hornets.

    But I'm here to talk about two things: 1. The suits the scientists used, and 2. How they discovered the murder hornet nest to begin with.

    A dead murder hornet
    Handout . / Reuters

    First of all, the suits.

    Several people wearing full-body suits while retrieving murder hornets
    AP Images

    It's like the marshmallow man in a lil' G-string.

    Closeup of two men in thick bodysuits
    AP Images

    It's like a low-fi space suit.

    Several people in bodysuits walk around murder hornet site
    AP Images

    I'm into it!

    A picture of the scientists together in a group in their thick suits
    AP Images

    And now, for what I personally think is the craziest part: How they discovered the nest to begin with.

    Scientist looks inside tree at murder hornet nest
    AP Images

    So, scientists attached teeny tiny radio trackers to murder hornets using dental floss.

    Hand attaching radio tracker to a murder hornet with dental floss

    Yes, dental floss!

    Closeup of hand attaching radio tracker to a murder hornet with dental floss

    The hornets were let go in the wild and, luckily, the floss/radio transmitter led them to the nest.

    Murder hornet with tracker

    The operation was successful, but scientists believe there are more nests.

    Dental floss and a murder hornet

    Soooo, until next time, remember: science, as they say, rules.

    Also flossing does too!

    A happy tooth and floss cartoon
    Wowwa / Getty Images