52 Little Things American Do In Movies/TV Shows That Make No Sense To Non-Americans

    Yes, Americans really do eat tubs of ice cream when they are depressed.

    One of my favorite genres of BuzzFeed posts are things Americans never realized were weird American things. Today's post are things specifically from TV and movies that confuse the hell out of people from around the world.


    do americans complain about fluorescent lights in real life as much as they do in tv


    Do Americans actually eat entire tubs of ice cream when they're sad or is that a movie thing

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    Why do Americans in movies always say they’re going to Europe? Europe is a big place, where the fuck are you going???


    do Americans really eat chicken and waffles? I thought it was just a joke in My Wife and Kids haha. Does it taste nice?


    do americans actually eat pancakes for breakfast every day or is that just me watching too many tv shows


    So how come Americans at the end of nights out in movies are so sober? Like I would be asleep on the side of the road with a pizza slice


    do Americans really clap and cheer in the cinema or is stranger things bullshit


    Do Americans really go to summer camp or is it just in the films


    Do Americans really just go to bars and drink like 6 shots of whiskey and call it a night? That’s how Americans drink on tv and it’s weird af


    Do Americans really break out in big dance battles at party's like in the films???


    Do Americans really take college football as seriously as they do in movies bc it's actually hilarious


    wait do americans really care about the week their birthday is in?


    do americans really get marks on a test for spelling their name right or is that just something they say in the movies


    Do Americans really leave their keys in their cars or that's just the movies?


    Why the fuck do Americans never have blinds or curtains in their bedrooms in films and TV?

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    Why do Americans in films and tv make a whole buffet for breakfast take one bite of their toast and one sip of coffee and say I’m late for work

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    Why do Americans always climb through peoples windows in films etc? Does this happen in real life 😂

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    Do Americans actually just sit on the roof for a chat or is it just in films?

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    why do americans in tv shows have bottles of water sitting in their fridge


    Why do Americans on the TV always have blenders inside of their sinks


    Why do Americans in tv shows always have swinging doors in their houses?


    do americans use paper plates instead of real plates ?? or is that just in tv and movies ??


    Do Americans actually say “how you holding up” or is that just in films and tv shows

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    do americans actually celebrate the 4th of july because i feel like movies and tv shows make it seem bigger than it is

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    How do Americans get their bacon so crispy? Or is this just in TV?


    Do Americans actually have to shower together after p.e or is that just in films????

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    do americans really say “question” before they ask a question or is that just in movies?🗿

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    do americans really take high school THAT seriously?? all these american movies make it out to be the defining point of your life

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    why do americans in movies always go to diners in the middle of the night and knock back an entire jug of coffee. why are u drinking coffee at 1am

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    do americans really put liquid butter on their popcorn when going to the movies or is that just something you see on tv

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    do americans actually have groups like jocks and nerds at school like in the movies?

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    Do Americans really send their kids to military school when they "have problem with authority" or is it just a movie trope

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    Do americans actually eat meatloaf or is it just in the movies?

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    Do americans really have commercial every 10 minutes this is so concerning do ypu watch a movie for 5 hours or what

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    Do Americans actually do high school reunions? Or is that just TV shows and movies?

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    do americans actually have like school merch or is that just the movies

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    Why do Americans in high school movies take lunch to the bathroom to prove they’re a loner. Like imagine walking into the bathroom with a tray of food, that’s weirder than just sitting alone!?!

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    Do americans always eat whipping cream when they are upset or it’s just a movie thing?

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    Do Americans actually eat pop tarts for breakfast or is that just in the TV shows because they’re SO SWEET

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    Why do Americans call tv cable?

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    Do Americans really go to doctors and ask to be prescribed medication they saw advertised on TV? Is this a thing that actually works?

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    Do Americans actually have hall monitors at school or is that just some strange TV thing?

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    Why do Americans on TV always just order “a beer” and always seem to get the one they want? There’s lots of beer!

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    do americans really make volcanos in science class or is this a tv thing

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    Do Americans eat peanut butter from the container in real life like they do on TV? I find it so wild, and gross. Mostly wild.

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    do americans really eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or is it just a movie thing

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    In Hollywood movies and tv shows, why do families always have a huge glass jug of orange juice in the fridge/on the table? Do Americans freshly squeezed their juice on mass? Is it decanted from a plastic carton? Is it all a lie?

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    Do Americans really have to take the pledge of allegiance in kindergarten or is that just in movies? Cuz it seems kinda brainwash-y

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    do americans actually call their grandparents meemaw and pawpaw and stuff or is that just in movies

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    do Americans actually have to climb a rope in gym class???? or is that just in movies??

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    52. And lastly:

    Do Americans actually like purchase fake IDs or is that just a movie thing???? Confused

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