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33 Men From 33 Different Countries Dressed In A "National Costume," And It's Clear Who Understood The Assignment

For once, the USA costume isn't so bad.

It's that time of year again!

After a two-year COVID hiatus, the Mister Global pageant is back.

Notice for the 7th Mister Global Grand Final Competition March 15, 2022, in Thailand

If you're new here, my favorite part of the Mister Global pageant is the national costumes. Each of the participants is asked to dress as his country, and here are this year's contestants:

1. Switzerland

Smiling man in knee-length overalls with suspenders, open shirt, and long socks

2. Peru

Man with eyes closed wearing ornate gold headdress, chest-baring gold outfit, and sandals

3. Mexico

Barefoot man with ornate, feathered headdress, and ornate, chest-baring outfit

4. Japan

Bare-legged man with his back to the camera, wearing a patterned shirt and holding a folding fan

5. France

Man with dramatic headdress and chest-baring costume with flowing, accordion flaps

6. Czechia

Man with his hands on his hips and looking to the side wears a wide-brimmed hat, billowy-sleeve shirt with colorful vest and scarf, colorful, knee-length pants, and high boots

7. Cambodia

Barefoot man with ornate headdress and coat-type outfit

8. Vietnam

9. United Kingdom

10. Brazil

A man wearing tight, ankle-length pants and sandals with a chest-baring, open jacket with metallic accents and matching headdress

11. Bolivia

Bare-chested, barefoot man with large, ornate headdress and skirted, low-waisted, ornate loincloth

12. Venezuela

Man wearing a brimmed hat, a cape with the colors of the Venezuelan flag, and a jacket and pants with stars extending from the jacket and down one leg

13. Cuba

Man wearing a brimmed hat and loose, light-colored, linen-type pants and short-sleeved shirt

14. Thailand

Man balanced on one leg and wearing an ornate headdress and tight, bare-chested bodysuit with metallic-looking sequins

15. Sri Lanka

Barefoot man with ornate headdress and costume

16. Spain

Man wearing a crown, long robe, ornate jacket, and tights

17. South Africa

Bare-chested man wearing briefs and a hat and a shoulder piece with train

18. Romania

A man with a long shirt with a thick belt, vest, and headdress

19. Puerto Rico

A barefoot man with a chest-baring top and knee-length pants, and straw hat

20. Philippines

21. Panama

A barefoot, bare-chested man with arm tattoos wearing large bracelets, a loincloth with flap, and headband

22. Nigeria

A man wearing an ornate headdress and matching winged loincloth and chest piece

23. Myanmar

24. Malaysia

25. Macau

A man wearing thick, black ankle boots, a transparent jacket and pants, and gloves holds a helmet

26. Laos

A bare-chested man wearing a flat hat with a thin, bell-shaped top; open, long jacket with tassels; long, loose pants; and sandals

27. Korea

Man wearing a silk-looking long jacket with wide sleeves and holding a folded-up fan

28. Indonesia

A bare-chested man wearing a dramatic headdress and an outfit with animal patterns and talons

29. India

A man wearing a turban, brocade-type jacket with sweeping sleeves, and pants

30. Hong Kong

A man holding a parasol and wearing a long, short-sleeved jacket with type on it, knee-length, satiny pants, and mid-calf boots

31. Ecuador

A bare-chested man wears a large, ornate headdress, colorful, flared cloak, and beaded loincloth

32. Dominican Republic

A man holds a weapon and wears a tight, short jacket with shoulder wings, tight pants, and high boots

33. And Last but Not Least, USA

A bare-chested man wears an outfit with the colors of the US flag, including a winged shoulder piece with a wide, Statue of Liberty crown and three-strap loincloth

And here are the costume winners, in case you were wondering:

Top 5 for the Best National Costume Award: Indonesia, Nigeria, Ecuador, Sri Lanka, and USA