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Keke Palmer Posted A Picture Of What The Food Was Like At The Met Gala, And It's Giving Me Fyre Festival For The 1% Vibes

You'd think there'd at least be a carving station!

The Met Gala is the true 1% event.

Like, celebrities dress up in $30,000 costumes, look at art, and perform a secret blood sacrifice to satisfy the Illuminati for yet another year.

It's fun!

But in all seriousness, I love how the Met Gala has turned into the true "I'm rich and (semi)relevant, bitch" event.

Besides the human sacrifice, it's somewhat unknown what happens inside the Met Gala walls.

Besides taking pictures in bathrooms, there is apparently some sort of meal aspect.

Decorated tables inside the Met Gala

Because sad, tragic meals are somewhat *en vogue* ever since Fyre Fest, Keke Palmer showed us what the food looked like.

Keke in a shimmering floor-length gown on the red carpet

It looked like this:

Her plate had the remnants of what looked like grape tomatoes, corn, cucumbers, and what looks like mushrooms

She may have just been joking, but still, for a $30,000 ticket...

Anyway, thank you for exposing part of the Illuminati ritual, Keke! Can't wait to hear about the next one!