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32 Truly Surreal Pictures Of Melted Objects That Show How Powerful The Fires In The Northwest Are

In some places, all that's left are puddles of metal.

Wildfires have been out of control in the Northwest for the past few weeks, and even scientists are freaked out by them.

Some people are being allowed back to their properties and are finally able to survey the damage. This person's entire cabin was "fused into an 8 inch pile of melted glass, metal & plastic."

We finally got unrestricted access to my mom's property after the fires. That flat area was once a cabin. Everything fused into an 8 inch pile of melted glass, metal & plastic. Despite all the destruction it seems like all the redwoods survived. No way to know yet but hopeful.

To put into perspective just how strong the fires have been, here's a collection of melted objects found left behind.

1. A melted motel sign:

2. A melted porta-potty:

3. A melted light post:

4. A melted Trump-Pence sign:

5. A melted sign on a fence:

6. Melted metal puddles from a car:

7. It looks like melted crayons:

8. The metal is literally streaming down a hill:

9. A melted playground:

10. A melted basketball hoop:

11. Another melted basketball hoop:

12. A melted tire and a puddle of melted aluminum:

13. A lone dumbbell:

14. A melted car door handle:

15. Another piece of melted metal:

16. A melted road sign:

17. The back of a car window completely melted:

18. Four file cabinets are the only thing left of this house:

19. A burned-out Hummer:

20. A melted gas station sign:

21. Another melted sign from that same Valero gas station:

22. A store where the only thing that survived is the ice machine:

23. A melted fence:

24. A burned railway car:

25. All that's left of a mobile home:

26. All that's left of a truck:

27. A gold ring:

28. The remains of multiple mailboxes:

29. Another melted sign:

30. A burned-out food truck:

31. More streams of melted metal:

32. And someone's coin collection in a glass jar; now it's all melted and morphed together: