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Matt Bomer's Ass Deserves An Emmy

It's about time.

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For years now, Matt Bomer's ass has been unjustly overlooked and criminally left out of nominations for the multitude of awards it deserves.

In Magic Mike, Matt Bomer's ass contributed significantly to the movie and it acted really good and stuff. It made it an entertaining movie. Without Matt Bomer's ass, Magic Mike would basically be Gigli. And yet, it won no awards.


Now, it's time. Matt Bomer's ass gave an incredible, Emmy-worthy performance on American Horror Story: Hotel.


The public agrees:

Reasons I'm watching AHS: -Matt Bomer's ass.


#blessed to have seen Matt Bomer's ass on TV last night

I can still see Matt Bomer's butt in front of me when i close my eyes #AHSHotel

In conclusion...

matt bomer can stab me in the trachea any time he wants