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    This Video Of Mariah Carey Communicating With A Dolphin Has Over 30,000 Retweets, Like She Is Actually Speaking Dolphin

    The purest (and most iconic) thing you'll see today.

    Mariah Carey has 19 number ones, the most iconic Christmas song of all time, a five-octave vocal range, and arguably more fame and influence than George Washington or Jesus Christ.

    Mariah smiling in front of a Christmas background

    Dolphins are one of the most iconic animals of the sea. They are also gay.

    A dolphin out of the ocean

    So it was especially cool when the two decided to join up for an ocean collab.

    Mariah standing in water next to a dolphin

    This video of Mariah Carey doing her iconic whistle note and a dolphin freaking the fuck out has racked up an impressive 30,000+ retweets.

    this dolphin freaking out at Mariah Carey’s whistle tones is so pure omg??

    Twitter: @nalaeanais

    Like, you can't tell me she isn't speaking dolphin.

    The dolphin can barely believe it themselves!

    Mariah first tweeted the video in 2019, but it's seeing new life on Twitter now.

    I just thought the video was hilarious and isn't the usual doom and gloom.

    Damn Mariah so famous dolphins know who she is ....