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    If You Remember Any Of These 29 Logos, Then You Are Officially Old

    Now I'm craving a Cherry Coke.

    1. The old Comedy Central logo.

    Comedy Central / Via

    2. The Gracie Films logo.

    Gracie Films / Via

    3. The Delia's logo.


    4. The old Cartoon Network logo.

    Cartoon Network / Via

    5. The old Taco Bell logo.

    Joe Raedle / Getty Images

    6. The old Animal Planet logo.

    Animal Planet / Via

    7. The old Cherry Coke logo.

    eBay / Via

    8. The old TRL logo.


    9. The old Apple logo.

    Apple / Via

    10. The old Diet Coke logo.


    11. The old Diet Pepsi logo.

    Diet Pepsi / Via

    12. The Gateway logo.


    13. The Sharper Image store logo.

    Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

    14. The old PlayStation logo.

    Sony / Via

    15. The Limited Too store logo.

    16. The Touchstone Films logo.

    Touchstone Films / Via

    17. The old Nick at Nite logo.

    Nick at Nite / Via

    18. The Unsolved Mysteries opening-credits logo.

    19. The old THX logo.

    20. The Hollywood Pictures logo.

    Hollywood Pictures / Via

    21. The Family Home Entertainment logo.

    FHE / Via

    22. The DIC logo.

    DIC / Via

    23. Any of these old soda logos.

    24. The old Nick Jr. logo.

    Nickelodeon / Via

    25. The old Sprint logo.


    26. The old Nickelodeon logo.


    27. The Netscape logo.


    28. The old TBS logo.


    29. And this isn't really a logo, but you know what I mean:

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