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    If You Remember Any Of These 29 Logos, Then You Are Officially Old

    Now I'm craving a Cherry Coke.

    1. The old Comedy Central logo.

    2. The Gracie Films logo.

    3. The Delia's logo.

    4. The old Cartoon Network logo.

    5. The old Taco Bell logo.

    6. The old Animal Planet logo.

    7. The old Cherry Coke logo.

    8. The old TRL logo.

    9. The old Apple logo.

    10. The old Diet Coke logo.

    11. The old Diet Pepsi logo.

    12. The Gateway logo.

    13. The Sharper Image store logo.

    14. The old PlayStation logo.

    15. The Limited Too store logo.

    16. The Touchstone Films logo.

    17. The old Nick at Nite logo.

    18. The Unsolved Mysteries opening-credits logo.

    19. The old THX logo.

    20. The Hollywood Pictures logo.

    21. The Family Home Entertainment logo.

    22. The DIC logo.

    23. Any of these old soda logos.

    24. The old Nick Jr. logo.

    25. The old Sprint logo.

    26. The old Nickelodeon logo.

    27. The Netscape logo.

    28. The old TBS logo.

    29. And this isn't really a logo, but you know what I mean: