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    29 "Quirky" Things People Did In the 2000s That Were Actually Super Ordinary

    Chances are that friend was you.

    1. Everyone had that one friend who constantly quoted "Shoes."

    the girl from shoes

    2. They called all their friends "betches."

    3. And they always had a digital camera on them.

    pink camera

    4. Everyone had that one friend who probably owned an LG Chocolate.

    a person holding a chocolate phone

    5. They definitely had an iPod Nano.

    a lit up ipod nano

    6. And they were always on their white Macbook.

    a white macbook

    7. They also took pictures like this on their white Macbook.

    a girl doing a piece sign

    8. And they really wanted a Flip Video Camera for Christmas.

    a flip video camera

    9. Everyone had that one friend who loved the movie Juno.

    juno cover
    Fox Searchlight

    10. They thought Michael Cera was so friggin' cute.

    mike cera smiling
    Vince Bucci / Getty Images

    11. They typed like this:

    capitalized and not capitalized letters

    12. They posted Facebook albums of their "adventures":

    a tweet about how people used to post facebook albums all the time

    13. And they thought the song "Hey There Delilah" was the most beautiful song they ever heard.

    hey there delilah cover

    14. That one friend definitely had an iHome.

    an ihome

    15. They loved Obama.

    obama smiling
    Tim Boyle / Getty Images

    16. They wore this hat:

    one of those fur newsboy caps

    17. And they had a collection of asymmetrical skirts.

    striped skirt
    Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images Entertainment

    18. That one friend was in "quirky" Facebook groups.

    "my name starts with the letter J" facebook group

    19. They listed their friends as "sisters" on Facebook.

    people who are unrelated saying they are sisters

    20. They wore Silly Bandz.

    people showing off silly bandz
    Valerie Macon / Getty Images

    21. And they had cellphone charms.

    a cherry charm

    Bonus points for a cherry charm.

    22. That one friend definitely had a pair of wayfarers.

    colorful sunglasses

    23. They were into these "boho chic" dresses:

    a white dress

    24. They loved anything Urban Outfitters.

    a getting lucky in kentucky shirt

    25. And they wore long and layered necklaces.

    a person with many necklaces
    oe Kohen / Getty Images, Kevin Kane

    26. Everyone had that one friend who wore safety pin bracelets.

    safety pin bracelets

    27. They wore feathers in their hair.

    28. They just got into thrifting.

    29. And they always took pictures like this with their friends.

    star finger hands

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